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Re: ISA - under funded postage on Arborists News

Subject: Re: ISA - under funded postage on Arborists News
From: Alan Reeves
Date: Jun 23 2001 18:55:13
 Come on
ISA get your act together.

To all ISA members out there . . 

I have yet to see the statement which identifies
precisely what has happened with Arborists News . .
So . . 
Let it be made clear from this point onwards that the
error originates at the ISA Europe office and NOT the
ISA UK/I Chapter office.
Most I trust will Know the difference.

Let me ask one other question,
How many get their AN direct from the US and are
failing to receive "Treeline" but think they are UK/I
Chapter members??
Please call . . .

Alan Reeves
27 Garstang Road North
01772 XXXXXX   07971 XXXXXX

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