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RE: Goat/Leopard Moth

Subject: RE: Goat/Leopard Moth
From: Alan Reeves
Date: Jul 02 2001 18:28:50
 --- The only
person I can think of 
might know would be Tim Winter, FC entomologist -
try Alice Holt.  

For info and to update you: Tim & AAlice no longer an
item! Tim retired a year or two back

Leopard Moth - regarded as a potential Orchard and
Ornamental Fruit Tree problem

Goat Moth - On larger hardwoods

Clearwing Hornets - common on poplars and willows  -
especially, I would say in NW

A fascinating topic which I commented on in Treeline
last year - Contact me individually for word.html
which is the basis of an advisory that I provide for
clients and contractors wanting to know more about
these insects. 
Control difficult (James: Arboriculturalist's
Companion . No specific ref in UK Pesticide Guide)

Why do you need to control?

My suggestions are:
 Goat moth - not usually seen until timber felled or
inspection for hazard - in which case, probably fell
OR prune affected branch(es)

Leopard Moth - Prune affected branches out

Sesiidae - Clearwings  Probably no need for action
unless there is a target - bases of stems are affected
and could fail.
Probably biggest problem would be secondary infection
by rot organisms (fungi / bacteria)
If target then coppice or clear
No target - ? No problem in extensive amenity

Without knowing or seeing the site, of course it is
hard to give specific solutions..

Pheromones are available for monitoring/ trapping.
Peter has received a version of this.

Alan Reeves
27 Garstang Road North
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