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Re: Goat/Leopard Moth

Subject: Re: Goat/Leopard Moth
From: Alan Reeves
Date: Jul 03 2001 18:21:00
Mike Ellison wrote
<< . . . Daedaleopsis confragosa. 
I have since assumed that there is an evolutionary
relationship. The distribution of decay and galleries
appears to be more than coincidental. Has anyone
considered or researched this relationship.>>

Not aware of it from Arb / Ento side Mike but as with
most of these kinds of topics - and I note Kevin's
reply too - I think that the occurrence of the two
(moth and fungus) would need to be correlated first to
build up a case for further investigation.
We are often not very good at collating this kind of
information despite the network of T.O.'s , Arb
Consultants and Academics that  exists across the

The DETR/FC monitoring scheme as I understand it from
the meeting last week at Leeds could easily "miss"
this one. That's not a criticism of the scheme its the
reality of the way it works.

I'd be happy to collate the moth / fungus data and
draw up distribution maps based on data posted but
someone has to be interested enough to "spot" and
record it in the first place. As always the more eyes
that look for it, the more likely the finding of it
and . . . ( ? ) the more likely the funding of it if
it is perceived to be a problem.
It could be a regional phenomenon, but if it isn't
then we need to identify funding sources (Adam??)

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