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Subject: Re: FW: re: jap knot weed
From: Alan Reeves
Date: Jul 04 2001 08:00:35
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Help can somebody give me guidance on the
legalities of Knotweed control?

There was an Arb research note; 106/95.

Ian Rotherham  interviewed about Giant Hogweed on
radio 4did mention the hairs on the stem
being an irritant. 
Could someone have got confused about the poisonous
bit? IS this why it 
suddenly came to the fore?

I think I overclipped the message I replied to Bill

JK is described as having carceinogenic principles

 Japanese knotweed has been used as a folk medicine in
eastern Asia; however, this species contains tannins
that were found to be carcinogenic. Large quantities
of tannins were found to inhibit digestive enzymes in
rats. Some chemicals isolated from Japanese knotweed
have antimicrobial properties, others have been used
as antioxidants and antimutagens in cancer research.
Other chemicals isolated from this plant have been
used to promote healing of burns, and still others to
enhance the immune system and cardiac functions. 

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