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RE: Eulecanium tiliae

Subject: RE: Eulecanium tiliae
From: David Evans
Date: Jul 10 2001 08:47:41
Hello Paul

<<Nut Scale (Eulecanium tiliae)... Strouts & Winter describe this pest as
rarely reported as causing serious damage...>>

You wouldn't be falling into the trap of a bit of picture book diagnosis,
would youl?  Grab your dictionary and look up the word 'rarely'.  What you
have found might just fit that very definition.  Rarely doesn't mean
...err...doesn't.  Unless, that is, you've seen the condition many times
before.  In which case, I'm sure Alice Holt would be interested to hear from

The qualifying 'rarely' is an all-important caveat.  Never play off-ground
tag with a good pathologist/entomologist because they'll always be on, or
very close to, the fence.  And rightly so.

Otherwise, there are a number of other site specific variables, such as
vitality, which would be necessary to know before venturing an opinion.

Rib-tickling aside, the thing about scale insects - and Hemipterans in
general - is that they are generally parthenogenetic.  Which means that they
often don't bother with blokes to reproduce.  Consequently, their progeny
are similar to their mothers, and if their mothers enjoy and thrive on a
specific host - that's been predisposed to colonisation, for whatever
reason - then their progeny, and their progeny's progeny, and their
progeny's, progeny's progeny...etc, are likely to enjoy themselves just as
much, but with exponentially increasing numbers, and increasingly
deleterious impact.  Which is not good news for the host.

Sounds to me that you might be needing some of that CPD stuff that you're so
keen to prescribe.  Our entomology modules come at very reasonable rates.


Acer ventura

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