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Re: Formative Pruning or Vandalism ?

Subject: Re: Formative Pruning or Vandalism ?
From: TeamOne . Admin
Date: Jul 11 2001 08:45:47


IMHO good form is primarily about how the viewer interprets what they are
seeing in the context they are seeing it.  This is probably too simplistic
a view to find much favour here.   We get drawn into all the pseudo-science
of these issues when most of what we do is about managing those perceptions
is it not?  I have often heard the complaint from a member of public that
a.n. other tree is `out of control' - what an image that conjures up!  Of
course we respond by going and teaching it the error of its' ways, NOT.  We
do a fair amount of `training' to our young uns though, for purely
practical reasons, primarily when they are unfortunate enough to be planted
in a `maintained' area.  We'd love to leave them furnished to the ground,
as this is an effective mower guard but the massed Pantzer Divisions don't
appreciate this technical challenge.  They like a straight run at their
target!  What we'd really like to see is many more areas taken out of the
cutting regime so that `better' formed trees could be left to do their
thing but Joe and Joanna are not ready for this yet.  What is more, these
`natural' trees are probably in the `too easy to climb' category and we
know where that one takes us.

As to what is naturally normal good form???

Steve Hookham


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