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Re: Formative Pruning or Vandalism ?

Subject: Re: Formative Pruning or Vandalism ?
From: Alan Reeves
Date: Jul 13 2001 21:54:07
 --- wrote: > In a message dated
11/07/01 16:18:02 GMT Daylight
Time, writes:

This equates to over 1,300,000 trees felled and
over 2,500,000 pruned
annually to satisfy the needs of people. This is
obviously good news for
Tree Surgery Contractors but not so good for the
Bill wrote:
Don't young quick growing (I'm not 
to say 'vigorous') trees sequester more carbon than
moribund mature 

No Bill, Mature trees are nett carbon sequesters not
the young 'un s.
Long-lived are better than short-lived too.

But there, how many Tilia and Acer planted in Town and
city centres are going to see 80 -150 years ?
Look around this w/e.

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