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Re: Mulch, Fuel, Firewood; whatever?

Subject: Re: Mulch, Fuel, Firewood; whatever?
From: Andersonarb
Date: Jul 23 2001 19:26:13
In a message dated 22/07/01 22:46:06 GMT Daylight Time, writes:

Isn,t this a normal response to root damage, the crown shrinks to
reduce overhead to the point where the remaining root system can cope
and then carries on as before?

Round here, the normal response for mature Beech is to die! Other Beech 
nearby died and others continue to die. They're not ours and we can't very 
well drive across the crop to tip more chips. Naturally having written about 
this Beech I had a stare at it on Sunday night and perhaps the foliage is a 
bit discoloured, mind you, others with which it might be compared are nowhere 
near so an alongside comparison is hard.

Confusing me with your technical terms, from O level biology isn't
mycelium just a collection of hyphae? 

Sorry didn't even do Biology to 'O' level. Been reading that new book of 
Schwarze's but usually fall asleep after 2 pages! (Have noticed he calls 
Inonotus dryadaeus Dryads saddle though. It was probably the translator)

That's what the internet's for, have I expounded my theory about loss
of stag beetles and stump gobbling?

No but I can guess what it is. Rest assured, I don't let my clients spend 
money stump gobbling even when they want to. Oh alright if its in the way I 
do, but otherwise, I say leave em alone. Save your money. The customers 
always right? Is he buggery. I shall remember that Stag Beetle argument, yeah 
its a good one. Are they protected by the Wildlife and Countryside Act?

Wildlife is best just observed rather than played with IMO.

Yeah but when you've just loaded it onto the back of the truck and it won't 
get off by itself....

Thanks again.

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