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Re: Mulch, Fuel, Firewood; whatever?

Subject: Re: Mulch, Fuel, Firewood; whatever?
From: Andersonarb
Date: Jul 29 2001 17:46:04
In a message dated 29/07/01 01:56:12 GMT Daylight Time, writes:

in the meanwhile could someone summarise the case for
woodchip mulch (which it has been shown contains mycelium) only being
a substrate for saprophytic fungi?

Just a thought, but surely woodlands got along for millenia with dead wood 
recycling albeit not being chipped. While there is obviously a difference 
between chipped dead wood and naturally deposited dead wood does it matter? 
Did woodlands rely on periodic devestation from forest fires to ensure that 
diseases were kept in check? Is there a difference between a forest floor and 
a flower bed in that respect? 

I have to say that when Chippers first started being mooted and mulching 
proposed I was concerned that diseases might be spread but I've not seen it 
yet. MAybe I will soon? MAybe I'm not looking properly?

Interesting stuff Andrew, I'm grateful for the info.


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