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Re: Mulch, Fuel, Firewood; whatever?

Subject: Re: Mulch, Fuel, Firewood; whatever?
From: Alan Reeves
Date: Jul 31 2001 11:23:26
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29/07/01 01:56:12 GMT Daylight
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in the meanwhile could someone summarise the case
woodchip mulch (which it has been shown contains
mycelium) only being
a substrate for saprophytic fungi?

Forgive me being brief Bill
Busy with slipped disc and Treeline!
The key for me is the fermentation process that occurs
naturally in organic deposition with lots of other
fungi competing and producing antibiotic substances to
combat pathogens. As Percy Thrower and Mr Smith used
to advocate, it's the composting and turning over at
least two years that makes for good mulch.
The thought of chipping an Armillaria riddled stump
and liberally applying the freshly prepared inoculum
still fills me with horror. Ditto Meripilus etc where
the mulching might be an ameliorative strategy for
trees on a site where roots might already be damaged
and therefore vulnerable.
Any use?

Alan Reeves
27 Garstang Road North
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