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Re: Mulch, Fuel, Firewood; whatever?

Subject: Re: Mulch, Fuel, Firewood; whatever?
From: tophermartyn
Date: Aug 01 2001 13:20:21
Hear, Hear!!

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From: Clive Mayhew <>
To: UK Tree Care <>
Date: 01 August 2001 10:58
Subject: Re: Mulch, Fuel, Firewood; whatever?

Scott & John,

I agree entirely as well!

It really seems that people need a slap sometimes to get them away from
looking at their navels and out cultivating some trees. Blimey! Some
subscribers to this Forum (you know who you are!!) should be fast tracked
into Local Government management for their ability to find reasons not to
something because of what might happen.

Our experience - achieved without the help of a perti dish - is of regular
and systematic woodchip mulching of over 2000 newly planted trees in parks
and highways over six or so years. No Armillaria, no dogs spreading it
about, no leaching of nitrogen - or any of the other scare stories - Also no
strimmer damage, less drought stress, relieved compaction and improved soil
structure. Just (by and large) healthy growing trees.

People should really give it a go sometime. But folks be careful - it's a
jungle out there.


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