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Attention Freeserve and FSNET customers

Subject: Attention Freeserve and FSNET customers
From: UKTC List Admin
Date: Oct 11 2001 16:44:05
Those of you with email addresses within the and domains will have missed several UKTC messages today. I'm
hoping I've managed to arrange for this one to get through by some

This problem is entirely beyond my control. Freeserve appear to have
decided to blacklist my server and are now rejecting all mail sent
through it.

The server does not appear to be blacklisted by any of the common lists
- all of which have facilities to enable admins to find out why their
server is listed. This appears to be a purely Freeserve blacklist and
Freeserve do not obviously provide a way of finding out what is going
on. Additionally, mail to is unroutable. In
short, Freeserve appear to have taken some draconian action resulting in
the blocking of legitimate mail and have left no obvious means of
contacting them about it.

I have tried to contact them by other means and have so far not received
a reply. I will continue to try to sort out this problem, but it would
be helpful if you, their customers, also complained about this action.

My apologies for the inconvenience caused.
Chris Hastie
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