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a little cabin in the woods

Subject: a little cabin in the woods
From: Vowell Anthony R CDE/EDP
Date: Nov 05 2001 11:18:28
Yep, pile foundations are an accepted method of 'inserting'
cabins/houses into woodlands in the Pacific US. Suggest you grab a
little book called "Handmade Houses: a guide to the woodbutchers art"
which will give you lots of ideas.

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The latest government
thinking seems to be that unit densities should be on about the same
as the industrial housing on the 19th century. 

Yeah, Its often occurred to me that the best thing we could do for trees
all clear off and live in high rises and leave more space for trees?
Or perhaps be more accepting of the difficulties of living close to
Not subscribers to this forum of course; they'd all happily tolerate
in gutters, moss on lawns etc etc.
I've got this little fantasy (one of many) but one day I'm gonna sneak
and build myself a little cabin in the woods, out of poles and stuff and
bother telling the planners, just squeeze it in between the trees, I bet
you do away with strip footings, just have an upright sunk in the ground
metre or so, the roots wouldn't be bothered too much and the cabin
be bothered by the trees. Obviously I've not thought this one too far

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