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Re: Apology

Subject: Re: Apology
From: UKTC List Admin
Date: Nov 06 2001 11:46:36
On Tue, 6 Nov 2001, "TREECISION (Julian Forbes)" <>
Hang on a minute Ian have you been knobbled? I have seen nothing posted that
suggests a general discontent with humour.

Would you have to see it Julian? It may not be humour that is the
problem, but just sheer volume of email. Now if someone was getting fed
up with the volume of traffic they may well feel it inappropriate to add
to that by posting their concerns to the list.

Some contact me direct, some just leave, and there have been several of
the first type and a good many of the second in these past few weeks.

Some of us lonely consultants go days without actually seeing anyone except
the wife and other than 'are you going to tile the bathroom this weekend'
laughs are few and far between.

The professional isolation of many involved in arboriculture was a large
part of the reason for setting up this list in the first place - at
least I think it was. The list grew out of a not entirely sober
conversation with Acer Ventura one Boxing Day, so my memory may not be
entirely correct there :)

Humour does lighten the read, but there has to be a balance somewhere,
and some sense of restraint. The volume of messages going through the
list is getting ridiculous at times and much of that is banter that
could be carried on in private. To quote from the list's Terms of Use:

| The aim of the forum is to promote a better understanding of
| arboriculture through active debate and the exchange of information.
| Whilst some light heartedness helps make a readable list please keep
| your messages to the UKTC reasonably on topic whilst at all times
| maintaining courtesy and respect to all who may read the mailing list.

I personally feel a reasonable level of traffic is around 60 posts per
week. There have already been 23 this week and we're not 36 hours in
yet. The week commencing 15 October saw no fewer than 145 posts.

Lets take a vote:

No, let's not. I'm afraid this list isn't a democracy. Running the list
uses my bandwidth, my CPU cycles and my storage space. As no one else on
the list has these considerations to bear in mind when making decisions
about the list I don't consider it appropriate to have the majority of
members dictate to me how my resources are used. The list is, and will
remain, a dictatorship. I hope it's a relatively benign dictatorship and
I do try to take into account opinions that reach me from members,
either publicly on the list or privately. But ultimately, I make the

Chris how many subscribers have you got?

251, which is a lot of messages to deliver. Going back to the week
commencing 15 October for example, that represents 36 395 messages
delivered that week. In fact the only time I really notice the effect of
this is if I'm listening to KPIG radio over the 'net whilst working -
every time a new message for the UKTC arrives the sound starts getting
jumpy as my bandwidth is used up delivering mail. What worries more is
that in recent weeks this figure has gone down. Over the time the UKTC
has been running I've seen this often - the forum enters a phase of high
traffic and banter and people start leaving. This exodus is principally
what I am trying to avoid in asking all of you to think carefully before
you hit that post button.

The last point that I would make is that all messages to this list are
archived and publicly available. What is said here can and does reflect
on the image of our industry.
Chris Hastie
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