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RE: Equipment For Collating Information On Amenity Trees

Subject: RE: Equipment For Collating Information On Amenity Trees
From: Valentine, Philip
Date: Nov 07 2001 09:56:03
This is very interesting I've been informed by my wonderful IT people that
Access needs a special bolt on bit to enable it to integrate with MapInfo
and this would be at a cost of about 5 - 6K. When you say you can place the
trees location onto a GIs do the co-ordinates register on the access date
base. If you can supply any details that would be most appreciated.

Phil Valentine

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From: Eirion Lewis []
Sent: 07 November 2001 09:02
To:   UK Tree Care
Subject:      Re: Equipment For Collating Information On Amenity Trees

As usual this topic seems to be the one that drags me in from the
periphery. The first thing you really need to establish is the depth and
type of data you would like to collect. Why ? the software providers in
the market place all have their own ideas on what should or shouldn`t be
recorded, there are examples of good Arboricultural survey sheets out
there (mostly ignored I know), but do these meet your needs ? Are you
looking for an all singing, all dancing package or one to simply store
your TPO data on ? Ezytreev, Confirm Arboriculture et al are good solid
platforms, but come at considerable cost (starting at about £15K and
rising sharply, not including hardware costs). Integration with GPS and
all the other wonderful bits of technology are another major point, do you
really need them ? GPS although more accurate now that the Americans have
switched the frig factor off, is still pretty poor in most Arb situations
(someone stated that they were getting 7m accuracy -  I can get that using
a 1250 scale map and a tape), Martin at Woodland is the
guy to speak to with regards to this one, they also use laser positioning.

Unless you really want a full work scheduling, TPO recording, finance
tracking beastie.............I suggest you build your own. Mickeysoft
Access is a doddle to use and very, very easily integrated with any of the
proprietary GIS systems out there (coordinate extraction is as simple as
clicking your mouse where you want to place the tree).

I have my own system which is into it`s third year of use....3000+ trees
plotted so far (only about 47000 to go...ho hum).

Feel free to E`mail, etc......


Eirion Lewis

Arboricultural Officer

Wrexham County Borough Council
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