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RE: Barbed wire

Subject: RE: Barbed wire
From: Vowell Anthony R CDE/EDP
Date: Nov 13 2001 16:39:37
er... Stock fencing is usually 4'6" or so. 6' would stick it right at
head height so I reckon it would have to be over that to be ok as
security fencing. I'm sure that you can use barbed wire whenever and
wherever you like but be prepared for litigation, Occupiers liability
and all that

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From: John Flannigan []
Sent: 13 November 2001 16:24
To: UK Tree Care
Subject: Barbed wire

Not strictly trees I know but a kindly neighbour has put up a barbed
fence on the boundary between their garden and a wood I look after. My
response, which has been handed down to me like a parks heirloom is that
barbed wire fencing cannot be erected below 6 feet because of the danger
being scratched or worse. I have tried to find out if this is actually
and aside from Highway related land or business premises there doesn't
actually seem like there is much that a concerned landowner can do to
its removal. The boundary is nowhere near a public right of way but in
area popular with kids etc.

John Flannigan

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