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RE: Trees and Roads

Subject: RE: Trees and Roads
From: Williams, Steve
Date: Nov 23 2001 16:16:56

Without seeing the road it is difficult, but sometimes it is possible to
create a pavement nib to prevent vehicles from hitting trees in this type of
situation. I think it is in France where they erect road signs to inform
road users of trees that overhang the highway. 


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Subject: Trees and Roads

Someone recently reversed their car into a street tree and is claiming
damages. Over the past 50 years or so the trunk has grown over the kerb and
is undoubtedly over the road. I am aware that if you are legitimately
driving along a public highway and you hit a tree the tree owner is at fault
-access on the highway trumps most other things. Legally (but obviously not
morally) we don't have a leg to stand on. Fair enough. However, my insurers
want the tree cut down - they just don't want it to happen again and I, as
usual, am saying no. Does anyone have a suitable ruse or argument that might
give my argument a bit more bite besides the usual indignation? 
Looking forward to hearing some good advice
John F

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