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Freeserve customers and blank messages

Subject: Freeserve customers and blank messages
From: UKTC List Admin
Date: Nov 26 2001 21:39:37
I've received several enquiries from Freeserve customers over the last
few days about why they are getting blank messages, apparently from me,
in their inbox. I thought I'd run through it on list to save me having
to repeat myself.

It would appear that the problem is caused by Freeserve running out of
space. My logs are littered with

| host[] said: 452 space shortage, please 
try later

where freeserve addresses are concerned, and these entries link to the
appearance of blank messages. Why the blank messages appear is a mystery
known only to Freeserve. Freeserve's server seems to make them up having
just told mine that it can't accept the message right now.

You shouldn't actually be missing any mail. After receiving a 452 error
my server simply queues the message and tries again later. It will only
give up if it still hasn't managed to deliver the message after 7 days,
and this problem with Freeserve seems intermittent and not lasting
anything like that long.
Chris Hastie
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