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Re:The best firewood?

Subject: Re:The best firewood?
From: William Kowalczyk
Date: Nov 28 2001 14:51:48
I once felled a big dead Plane (that's Platanus for you Scott) which was fantastic to burn but virtually impossible to split! I burned everything up to about 10" diameter above which I couldn't get in the grate.

DED Elm is good, but only if it has stood long enough for the bark to fall away, another toughie to split.

But the best I've had has got to be a dead Sycamore (that's Acer Scott), with Sooty Bark disease. Put a 6" x 24" log on top of newspaper and light - no kindling necessary - to produce lurvely bright flame and loads of heat.

I'd never really thought about it before but I think Chris is spot on with the notion of burning three types at once, a mixture always seems best.

Regards, Bill

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