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RE: Queries on a tree survey

Subject: RE: Queries on a tree survey
From: Wright, Matthew
Date: Nov 29 2001 09:45:05

I think that the important issue in this instance is that both trees are
located in a car park. They have a high risk target and you have significant
liability issues.

With regard to the Lime, you could spend a lot of time and money carrying
out detailed investigations but the bottom line is that were the tree to
collapse, the results and insurance claims are likely to be pretty
spectacular. From the recommendation for pollarding in your tree survey, it
would appear that it is currently in a fairly ropey condition and requires
some fairly dramatic management.

The questions that I would ask are:

1. How important is the tree? Is it so important that you would consider it
worthwhile to exclude cars and people from around the tree, and thereby
remove the target?

2. Is it financially viable or justifiable to have the tree constantly
monitored and inspected if you only carry out a much lesser reduction and
try to live on the margins of safety? The money that you would need to spend
could perhaps be better used to fund tree planting for the long term.  

It would appear from the current condition of the tree that you are likely
to need to carry out a major reduction or even fell the tree during the next
few years. In the long term you are probably better off following your
arborist's advice (or even felling and replanting if aesthetics are a major
concern). Retaining large trees with significant decay in high risk areas is
always going to be a bit of a tightrope walk, particularly as far as your
insurers are concerned!


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From: tophermartyn []
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Subject: Queries on a tree survey

A couple of queries about a tree survey recently carried out by a third

1. Should the presence of Meriplius giganteus be an instant death sentence
for a large Turkey Oak in a car park setting?
2.  Given a large (26m) Tilia in similar setting, with signs of Ganoderma
and large central cavity, can anyone see a point in 'pollarding' to 10m?
It's growing well, and I always thought that big hollow trees tended not to
fall over.
3. Is the use of the word 'pollarding' acceptable in the context of cutting
the top 16m off a 26m tree?

Any thoughts greatly appreciated.

Topher Martyn

Head Gardener
Syon Park

Estate Office
Syon House,
Tel 020-8560-0883
Fax 020-8568-0936

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