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ANNOUNCE: Changes to the UKTC

Subject: ANNOUNCE: Changes to the UKTC
From: UKTC List Admin
Date: Dec 12 2001 20:59:41
        Unsubscribe address
        Improved archive
        Web account management
        Other control addresses


The operation of the UKTC has just been switched to a different machine
and different system. Whilst the majority of the operation should not be
significantly changed, though hopefully more reliable, there are some
changes which you should note. The most important of these is a change
to the unsubscribe address


For some time I've been aiming to move the operation of the UKTC from
celandine, a windoze machine that is far from stable, to rowan, a
FreeBSD machine with a far better record of stability. Thanks to the
generous help of Bill Anderson, who donated some parts needed to upgrade
rowan, this is now possible.

I had hoped to make this transition as smooth as possible, but having
come in this evening to find celandine had crashed again I decided that
there was no time like the present.

The operation of the list will be very similar. There are a number of
minor differences caused by the change of system and these are outlined
below. Please note that due to rushing in to this this evening, various
help files on the web site will not be updated to reflect the changes
for a while (probably not until after Christmas in fact)


These are listed broadly in what I consider to be the order of
importance. Read through until you get bored and think 'I never do that
any way', and then CAREFULLY FILE THIS MESSAGE just in case you want to

Unsubscribe Address
The address for leaving the UKTC has changed to:

A similar change has been made to the subscribe address:

Improved Archive
An improved and searchable archive is now available at

The archive includes indexes by thread, subject, date and author and a
dedicated search facility.

Web account management
The address at which you may manage your account using a web interface
has changed to

Existing passwords have been retained - I think. The help files have not
yet been updated. I am aware of one of two minor glitches with this
system that I'll try to iron out presently.

Unfortunately the new system does not offer the same choice of digest
format as the previous one. All digests will be plain text, with
attachments stripped out.

You preference to receive a digest should have been retained.

Other Control Addresses
The primary control address for the new system is

The old mailserver address is now an alias for ecartis. The type of
commands that can be sent to the control address has also changed and
information on this will be available on the web site in due course.

A list-specific control address that does not require the list to be
given in commands is also available:

I'm sure there is more I should cover, but I want to send this to make
sure it's all working. Any problems, please let me know.

I hope that the whole thing should be a lot more stable now. And once
again, I'd like to thank Bill for his help in sorting this out.
Chris Hastie
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