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Re: Surveying old TPOs

Subject: Re: Surveying old TPOs
From: Martin B. Jones
Date: Dec 14 2001 11:34:14

Your comment about advertising is inappropriate. In case you haven't
noticed, in my last 2 exchanges to you I have made no mention of our company
name or any products by name.

I understood we were discussing the comparison between manual vs digital
data capture of tree data. It seems that most tree officers are particularly
interested in this subject, since, like yourself, they may find they may be
wasting council funds.


Martin B. Jones

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Sent: Monday, December 10, 2001 4:49 PM
Subject: RE: Surveying old TPOs


Q <What about mapping of individual trees on field boundaries or parkland
where it is often impossible to take geo-reference points off the existing
map to map trees to within 1 metre>

A Very very very small proportion of TPO'd trees like that

Q <I'm interested to know how you are going to get your data (including
showing locations of individual TPOs) from paper/hardcopy format onto GIS
and up onto the web>.

A Its being replotted by an admin person and verified as we speak

Q <Correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't Electronic Service Delivery going to
involve adoption of a digital approach with regard to the mapping of
Individual and Area TPOs and data capture in the future?>

A Not necessarily but possibly

Now don't go using UKTC as an advertising forum, do it direct if at all.

Richard Nicholson

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