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Re: Resistograph

Subject: Re: Resistograph
From: Dunster
Date: Dec 15 2001 02:48:07
There is not really a "normal" reading for any one species. Typical may be a
better concept. Having written the interpretation manual for IML, and having
just finished work on their new video, I am still aware that many folks
believe the Resistograph will give "the answer." In fact each tree is
different, even among a stand of the same species. What you can typically
expect to see is that conifers will show fairly clear ring differentiation
as long as the rings are well spaced. Some hardwoods will also show clear
rings but in general, they are less easily detected in the chart. This is a
simple reflection of wood structure. I recommend all Resistograph users to
build up their own data bank of species and readings. It helps if you can
later dissect the tree and see how well your interpretation actually matches
reality. Even if you practice on firewood bolts, it helps to develop a
better sense of what to expect and how much to read into the charts. I spent
many hours drilling various logs and then cutting and polishing the cross
section at the point of drilling, to develop and reasonably good sense of
what the readings mean. You should also know that the later models are much
more sensitive than the early models.

I am not sure how IML is distributing the interpretation manual in Europe.
In North America I believe it can be purchased directly from IML USA.
Alternatively, I can send you a copy - $US 60.00 which is expensive, but
reflects the costs of copying and developing the manual.

Julian Dunster
Bowen Island
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Subject: Re: Resistograph

Dose any one know if there is any published data for Resitograph readings
i.e. what a 'noramal' reading for a particular species should look like,

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