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Re: Compact street tree

Subject: Re: Compact street tree
From: TreeCraftLtd
Date: Dec 20 2001 08:48:37

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<< I saw them in August and there was no fruit - but they were quite young 
specimens. It could be a messy problem.... >>

It could indeed be a messy problem if the tree is planted in the wrong place. 
 Mulberry trees do not tend to produce fruit until they are well established 
young trees of around 25 years old.  When they do, the fruit is very like 
large Logan berries, which are formed red and turn black before dropping from 
the tree in a juicy mess in late summer.  

They are very tasty if you get them just right, but be prepared to get 
covered in dark red juice.  If you can collect enough without eating them 
fresh, then they make a very nice wine (a rich gold liquid which can be very 

Another problem with growing mulberries tends to be the weak structural form 
of the tree.  All mulberry trees that I have come across, have suffered from 
branch drop, are leaning or a large stem has slit out (due to tight forks).  
However, they do make very interesting and attractive trees in sheltered 
locations on grass (where the berry drop is not likely to be a problem).


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