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Subject: public consultation
From: Edmund Hopkins
Date: Dec 20 2002 09:03:31
I've followed this with great interest, an important subject concealed 
beneath the title "exit interview". It is as has been said a relatively 
new thing but has rapidly become one of the mantras of modern 
governance. My employer, like central government, is keen to trumpet 
consultation credentials, but I am cynical.
I have twice had a go at public consultation, each time earned points, 
but felt I missed the mark. It needs lots of time to do a thorough 
job,but with a haemorrhaging inbox and indifferent managers that time is 
not available to most tree officers.
The trouble with much that does happen is that it stops with the great 
and the good. The Residents' Association is on board but the kids who 
hang out in the community wood and are perhaps its main stakeholders (as 
well as generating litter and lighting fires)remain excluded.

The subject is well covered in a Forestry Commission publication which 
name escapes me.

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