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RE: Christmas coppicing conundrum

Subject: RE: Christmas coppicing conundrum
From: John Flannigan
Date: Dec 20 2002 11:19:22
I think this thread clearly describes the limitations of the TPO process.
The concept of amenity as purely visual has become outdated - the wider
benefits of trees have become clearly recognised and measured over recent
years and the TO in this instance deserves praise for recognising the wider
benefits of tree protection. It is up to tree professionals to carry this
idea forward and to persuade civil servants and their governmental masters
that amenity does not have such a narrow 'visual' base.

The recent 'exit interview' thread started off doubting the value of
questioning legal judgements and this has relevance here - I'm not sure the
suffragettes or anti GM types would agree with that and in the modern era of
environmental knowledge and understanding neither should Arboriculturists.
The law makers need to be persuaded through well founded research and
dedicated people that visual amenity is old fashioned and times should move
on - this exists it just needs focus.

With the deftness of an elephant I'd like to change subject and thank Chris
for providing the UKTC service and absolutely everyone who contributes
especially those that have helped me with info and ideas for my research. 

Happy Christmas all.


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