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RE: Christmas coppicing conundrum

Subject: RE: Christmas coppicing conundrum
From: Vowell Tony CDE/EDP
Date: Dec 20 2002 11:25:13
My experience in woodland management is that once hazel has been
coppiced it needs to be re-done on a regular rotation. Old coppice that
is left tends to fall apart and is difficult to restore.  Eventually the
tree just succumbs and dies. Somewhere, I'm sure, there is research or
empirical evidence to support this.
If it were on my patch, I would be unhappy to TPO a coppice hazel,unless
there were extraordinary reasons for doing so. Having said that though,
if I were to receive an application to do work to the tree 'for sound
arboricultural reasons' then I would certainly be recommending
Perhaps the TPO is to ensure the continuation of the coppice stool and
the value of the site around it, for wildlife reasons; are there dormice
in this area. They require old growth coppice, but plenty of it.


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Subject: Christmas coppicing conundrum

The scenario is a coppiced hazel in a back garden visible from a few
public viewpoints but not prominent.  It is about 5m in height with many
stems <20cm diameter and has been clearly coppiced on a regular basis in
the past.  LA have placed a TPO on it and I wonder if that is really
sustainable.  I would say that there is a strong case to continue the
previous coppicing management, which realistically means that it has no
significant potential to contribute to amenity.  What do you think?


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