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Re: Christmas coppicing conundrum

Subject: Re: Christmas coppicing conundrum
From: TreesonBC
Date: Dec 20 2002 18:56:42
Hi All,

Excuse a layman from commenting on professional matters, but as a householder 
with rights of common I do have some knowledge.

Subj:RE: Christmas copping conundrum 
Date: 20/12/2002 11:26:58 GMT Standard Time

My experience in woodland management is that once hazel has been
coppiced it needs to be re-done on a regular rotation. Old coppice that
is left tends to fall apart and is difficult to restore.  Eventually the
tree just succumbs and dies.

Absolutely correct.  On our common we have many trees that traditionally were 
coppiced/pollarded by residents with rights of common.  The wood collected 
was a valuable resource.

Now that that need has passed we are having to spend real money to get the 
trees maintained.  Several have simply pulled themselves apart and are in a 
sorry state.

if I were to receive an application to do work to the tree 'for sound
arboriculture reasons' then I would certainly be recommending

Exactly what we are doing - at considerable expense.  

Depending on the size of the garden, it may have to be coppiced regularly to 
keep it within its allotted space.

Perhaps the TPO is to ensure the continuation of the coppice stool and
the value of the site around it, for wildlife reasons; are there dormice
in this area. They require old growth coppice, but plenty of it.

Does a TPO prevent anything being done to a tree?  To me that does not make 
sense.  Otherwise, how do you maintain a tree without some work from time to 
time.  To forbid that will eventually result in the death of the tree.  What 
price your TPO then?

I would have expected an expert to know that a coppiced tree needs 
maintaining by regular coppicing, even though that may be several years 
apart.  I conclude that a TPO does not prevent maintenance — which means 
copping.  Incidentally, if the hazel is 5m tall, then it is some time since 
it was done/

Peter Bridge

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