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Re: Christmas coppicing conundrum

Subject: Re: Christmas coppicing conundrum
From: Andersonarb
Date: Dec 22 2002 11:30:33
In a message dated 12/20/02 10:25:21 GMT Standard Time, writes:

I would'nt have TPO'd it.

Well you should have. How are we gonna move the TPO system forward if we 
don't shove a few test cases in? The TPO should be protecting the idea of a 
tree rather than than the specific tree. If thats not the case then the 
freshly planted replacement for a diseased TPO'd tree would never warrant the 
TPO that automatically covers it. 

The learned Noble Lords might eventually take the advice of those of us who 
know might they not?

I think that everybody in here would agree that such a Hazel is definitely a 
major feature and worth protecting even if freshly coppiced so where's the 

Oh and by the way there's one in Osbaldwick (York) that's protected (I 
think). Least ways there was no way I was cutting it down and it was 
reasonably away from the building and only required a minor fence diversion 
so it stayed. 

Did the Planning Officer know what he'd got? I don't think so. Will he 
recognise it in future? well....


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