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RE: How much special surface

Subject: RE: How much special surface
From: Richard Nicholson
Date: Dec 23 2002 09:18:04
Hi Chris
I'm not clear whether you are protecting existing trees or creating a medium
to plant new ones.
A solid non deformable surface may not be a bad idea depending on other
factors. These will include species, available rooting depth, soil type and
bulk density and other soil factors. Drainage is important in these types of
surfacing as you will need to use a water input to increase soil oxygen
levels because CO2 cannot diffuse to the soil surface. The use of water
input needs to be considered very carefully.
With regard to the business of root formation beneath hard surfacing there
are two very good papers on the use of radar to detect rooting patterns
beneath paving including some impressive results by some Czech bloke- I have
the reference at home if you want it- and a paper in Landscape below Ground
Vol 1 or 2 describing how roots develop below grass verges and paving (from
AS has been used on Poundbury in West Dorset, it looks good to me but the
new trees have only been in for 3-4 years. Ive used it on three schemes
where we needed to create a sub base that would meet County standards for
them to adopt the road/footpath and there were existing trees. They are
recent schemes so no results to date, but the trees are being monitored.
Richard Nicholson

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