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RE: How much special surface

Subject: RE: How much special surface
From: Tesh, Jonathan
Date: Dec 23 2002 09:50:41

The Landscape Below Ground (ISBN 1-881956-06-7)
The Landscape Below Ground II (ISBN 1-881956-23-7)
Eds. Dr Gary W Watson & Dr Dan Neely

Got my copies direct from:
148 Hydes Road
West Midlands

As a non-member they were £27 each. Additionally, I seem to remember the
Richards, Moorhead & Laing Report for the Highways Agency was particularly
good reading. I do not have my copy to hand so I can not provide a full
reference, although I'm sure someone can.


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a couple of books actualy 
'The Landscape below ground' Proceedings of an international workshop
on tree root development in urban siols'  Published by the ISA but you
can get it from treesource, the articule I was thinking of is about
amersterdam tree soil and deals with the replacement of trees in
amsterdam, tree pit design etc are included and results 12/23/02 09:26am >>>
SEAN DAVIES <SEAN.DAVIES@xxxxxxxxxxx.GOV.UK> wrote:

Have you seen the paper published on this subject in 'Landscape

I havent - is this a book, or special issue journal, have you a
Edmund Hopkins
Arboricultural Officer

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