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RE: mischievous applications

Subject: RE: mischievous applications
From: John Flannigan
Date: Dec 23 2002 10:02:31
This is a pretty basic question I'm afraid caused by lack of fundamental
knowledge of TPOs (being a TPO client rather than provider)

When consent is given to reduce a tree by a given % is that done recognising
a loss in amenity or stating there is no loss in amenity?

If it's the former I imagine consent should not have been given.

If, however, it is considered no loss in amenity (otherwise you may as well
just take away the TPO) then should any other applicants in that LPA area
bother to ask for consent to reduce trees bearing in mind the local
authority has already clearly indicated that no loss of amenity has occurred
and if no loss of amenity occurs no offence has taken place.


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