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mischievious applications

Subject: mischievious applications
From: nhammick
Date: Dec 23 2002 10:09:56
Edmund Hopkins wrote.......<<I'm due
to visit again and its less than 6 months since the last refusal. What can
do? Incidentally she steadfastly refuses to engage a consultant regarding
as a waste of money - what a vexatious person!>>

My recipe for a tear-free festive success...

   Accept the application, insure it's all correctly registered.
   Refuse said works in line with your stance on it being not in line with
   pukka arb practice, backed up with such stuff as enshrined in any Local
   Plan policies/Tree Strategies you may have, and refer to all good,
   Make much of the fact that reports have been requested (I take they have
   been previously requested..?), but the appellants steadfast refusal to
   supply matters of fact-type stuff has met with resistance.
   Let battle commence ! Inspector calls, then await the
   result, happy in the knowledge it's a fine case you have made, and that
   hopefully when the arguements, or indeed, lack of them are mulled over,
   that right decision will out
   ....or Iam I just being naive?

Good Luck Edmund..........

Nick Hammick
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