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RE: How much special surface

Subject: RE: How much special surface
From: David Evans
Date: Dec 23 2002 10:20:25
Hi Edmund & Chris

I addition to other references, something that I think you guys might find
especially useful on the soil side is.

Craul, P (1999) Urban Soils:  Applications & Practices, John Wiley & Sons
Inc (ISBN 0-471-18903-0).

Chris, if you're still planning to pop down south and drop in over Christmas
(Let's just hope that, for your sake at least, it doesn't result in another
UKTC ;-)) then, you're welcome to borrow it for a while.  Along with the
excellent Landscape Below Ground series, if you don't happen to have them.

Seasons greetings to those that do.


Acer ventura

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