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RE: mischievous applications

Subject: RE: mischievous applications
From: Dominic Scanlon
Date: Dec 23 2002 11:29:54
Our solicitor was of the opinion that we had to deal with every application.
If the guy had any sense he would have kept changing his reasons.

He claimed to be doing this to waste our time.  He had read an article in
the paper about someone else with a similar vendetta with his authority and
a TPO.

Irritating but given the repeated good results strangely satisfying!



                No its nowhere near an article 5 and yes I think we could
reasonably say "Go
                away", but I posted my question hoping for advice on whether
the LPA can
                refuse to book in the application. Dominic's example was
helpful though I
                see you (Dom) went to several appeals, and kept booking in
the apps and
                doing the site visits. Its not the question of liability
which bothers me
                but the mischievous waste of time.

                Edmund Hopkins
                Arboricultural Officer

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