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Craul's Soil Texts

Subject: Craul's Soil Texts
From: David Evans
Date: Dec 30 2002 20:14:02
Hi Peter & Phil

Peter.  In the past whenever I've sourced expensive arboricultural texts,
I've found that they are considerably cheaper in the USA.  The amount is
often the similar but you just substitute English pounds for US dollars.  So
a quick look at Soils in Landscape Design reveals it be available for 150
dollars rather 150 pounds.

Phil, or anyone else for that matter, I referred to Craul, P (1999) Urban
Soils:  Applications & Practices in a previous posting.  I have this
excellent text but does anyone out think that its predecessor, 'Urban Soil
in Landscape Design' contains significant valuable information that the
latter publication doesn't?

In advance thanks for your help.


Acer ventura

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