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Re: Pollarding street trees

Subject: Re: Pollarding street trees
From: Edmund Hopkins
Date: Dec 31 2002 09:55:31
David Evans <> wrote:
I also wonder how many complaints about trees could be attributed to
poor landscape design.

Yes David this in my view is the nub of it. We deal with thousands of
complaints/requests for tree work on our housing estates and for me at least
a high percentage are due to poor design. OK its 30 or more years ago that
landscape architects were busy stuffing new estates here in Nottingham with
silver maples, Norway maples, and other inspired choices 3m from the south
facing windows of old folks homes, but with all the benefits of hindsight
they are still at it. Designers do not seem to understand the human
dimension nor even that trees grow bigger. The worst of it is there is no
meeting of minds, perhaps my diplomatic skills are failing but today's
designers see no reason to get arboricultural input at all, even when the
evidence of past decisions stare them in the face!

Edmund Hopkins
Arboricultural Officer

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