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RE: VTA & Decay Mapping

Subject: RE: VTA & Decay Mapping
From: David Evans
Date: Dec 31 2002 11:15:09
Hi Scott

Thanks very much for clarifying the link, and I look forward to reading
paper although it turns out the piece is also in a book that ordered from
the UK/I Chapter of the ISA (Thanks for the update Andy).

I was particularly pleased to find the three Wessolly papers in full on this

I read them awhile back from his website (Irritatingly with some
illustrations missing) and likewise had to revisit for a number of reads,
but did find the very thinly veiled Mattheck attacks quite funny.  I didn't
realise that one of the reasons that the papers are so difficult to read is
because they're machine translations.  I put it down to shortcomings
understanding mechanics on my part.


Acer ventura

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