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Tree benefits

Subject: Tree benefits
From: Tesh, Jonathan
Date: Dec 31 2002 11:26:37
-----Original Message----- From: David Evans:
<intercepting pollution, increasing their property values,
reducing their stress levels (Anyone Tree Officers tried lighting the blue
touch paper by using this argument with someone who's complaining about a

Yes. I have used this approach in the reasons for the serving of our latest
TPO (see attachment), although I did fall short of bringing in perceived
psychological benefits. touch paper - I am expecting a degree
of bother with this, as the application is for retention of a tarmacdam car
park beautifully constructed around a mature CA Beech tree, and the formal
consultation response back to DC is that the applicant should remove the
tarmac through non-mechanical means and to get the ground re-instated in a
professionally recognised manner. I am unsure as to how receptive the
applicant would be to be told how good for his stress the tree is! 


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