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RE: Craul's Soil Texts

Subject: RE: Craul's Soil Texts
From: dscottcul
Date: Dec 31 2002 12:12:16
Urban Soils: Applications and Practices
$95US ISA Member 105US non-member,,0471189030%7Cdesc%7C2764,00.html
£76.95 / ?122.30 

Urban Soil in Landscape Design,,047180598X,00.html
£105.00 / ?166.70 

Craul, BTW, trained generations of foresters in soils as Prof. at SUNY 
I work closely with several of his former students and all speak highly of 
He has a very simple, hands on approach.  On a recent case we asked him for 
advice on sampling techniques and soil testing for suitability for 
rooting.  "Forget the lab tests... dig test holes, start near grade and poke 
your hunting knife or a screw driver into the wall of the hole.  Keep doing 
that as you work downward.  As resistance increases you'll probably see the 
soil color changing.  When the resistance makes it quite hard insert the tool 
you're at the limit of most tree roots."

Scott Cullen
Hi Peter

Actually, it's been ages since I did this, so I can't remember the name of
the companies that I dealt with.  Hopefully, some of our US and Canadian
colleagues may be able to recommend a site.

Here's a link to Urban Soil in Landscape Design, which I found after a brief
search through google.  The best offers are second hand at Amazon, and
Superbookdeals through them.

Good luck, and if you do stray across a bargain basement bookshop, please
let us know.


Acer ventura

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