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RE: VTA & Decay Mapping

Subject: RE: VTA & Decay Mapping
From: dscottcul
Date: Dec 31 2002 12:35:32
David, actually I think these three latest versions are human translations.  
you note more complete figures with color much improved from earlier versions.

The Brudi paper is pretty much a compliation of Wessolly techniques.  Phillip 
van Wassanear is Dutch-Austrian by heritage (hence the surname and you might 
think he's part of the German team) but was born and raised in Canada.  He 
worked with Erk to polish the English presentation.  The online version, I 
think has color figures while TSMC hardcopy is B&W, so it's probably worth 
saving that .pdf file.

When I mentioned machine translations I meant other papers, mostly by Gunther 
and/or Thomas Sinn) on other site in German.  If you locate them with a 
search you can opt to have Google translate them... and that's an interesting 
read.  As an example references to Mattheck emerge as Mattail.

When you receive the hardcopy TSMC proceedings I hope you'll have a look at 
paper, The Bedford Protocol, as well.

Scott Cullen
Hi Scott

Thanks very much for clarifying the link, and I look forward to reading
paper although it turns out the piece is also in a book that ordered from
the UK/I Chapter of the ISA (Thanks for the update Andy).

I was particularly pleased to find the three Wessolly papers in full on this

I read them awhile back from his website (Irritatingly with some
illustrations missing) and likewise had to revisit for a number of reads,
but did find the very thinly veiled Mattheck attacks quite funny.  I didn't
realise that one of the reasons that the papers are so difficult to read is
because they're machine translations.  I put it down to shortcomings
understanding mechanics on my part.


Acer ventura

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