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Re: Pollarding street trees

Subject: Re: Pollarding street trees
From: Tim Moya
Date: Dec 31 2002 14:24:07
Thats right Edmund I am counting non-visible trees covered by woodland TPOs.
I would expect (but I really dont know) that most TPO trees are woodland
trees and that most of these will not be woodlands open to the public or LA
owned (or why TPO them).


Edmund Hopkins wrote:
Tim Moya <> wrote:
I would bet that the majority
of TPO trees are not visible from any public place.

Tim you must be jesting! I wish it were so it would make the TPO
review a lot simpler: Not much varying, less remaking, just lots of
revokes-and they are the only simple bit to administer in the entire
process. Perhaps you are counting interior trees from woodland TPO's?
Really though, who is it TPO'ing invisible trees,even my Nottingham
predecessors mostly baulked at that.

Edmund Hopkins
Arboricultural Officer

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