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Re: Pollarding street trees

Subject: Re: Pollarding street trees
From: Tim Moya
Date: Dec 31 2002 15:02:56
Tesh, Jonathan wrote:
Woodland TPOs are a very different animal from other forms of TPO,
and it is disingenuous - when dealing with difficult definitions of
'amenity' to draw the necessary parallels with other forms of TPO.
The Blue Book reflects this whereby the slant is very much to
encourage landowners to properly manage woodlands through recognised
schemes rather than to use the TPO system (paras. 3.15-3.16).


TPOs of whatever type are all made under the TCPA when it is considered
"expedient in the interests of amenity".  What other reasons are given in
the Act or the Blue Book for making them? Why make a distintion - my
understanding is that there is no distinction in law (as to why they are
made).  They are, after all, legal instruments.


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