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trees, leaves and fish

Subject: trees, leaves and fish
From: Hasaka, Jason
Date: Dec 15 2003 09:55:50
happy monday everyone!  another week of combating the public (amongst
others) to retain and properly manage urban trees begins!

i have been dealing with a resident of the borough, who constructed a fish
pond near mature common oak trees.  she stated to me that the falling leaves
which ended up in the fish pond, were releasing a chemical that was
"poisoning" the fish and causing diseases among her fish.  the fish were coy
carp i believe.

she was a very disagreeable lady, so the conversation didn't last to long,
and i do not have much more information.   

has anyone else heard something like this?  is there any merit to her

Jason C. Hasaka

Assistant Arboricultural Officer
Countryside & Recreation
Eastleigh Borough Council
phone - 02380 XXX XXX
fax - 02380 XXX XXX

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