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RE: Fee Rates and the ethics of tendering

Subject: RE: Fee Rates and the ethics of tendering
From: Edmund Hopkins
Date: Dec 15 2003 09:59:16
Jonathan greetings. Why do you need to know whether there is another party
tendering? Will it affect your price? Now if you knew yours was the only
price then yes you might well discount the fee but otherwise I would have
thought it was irrelevant. Personally I follow your maxims anyway.
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From: Jonathan Oakes []
Sent: Monday, December 15, 2003 9:49 AM
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Subject: RE: Fee Rates and the ethics of tendering

Peter et al
I wasn't going to mention this as it is a bit of a specialist issue but the
recent thread on fees has prompted me.  See what you think...
I recently was asked, by a large firm of Landscape Architects, whether I
wanted to do a tree survey.  Usual thing - big project had to have report
before Christmas etc.  I was not told I was having to compete for the work
(usually for this firm I don't have to, and anyway due to the urgency I
didn't know how they would found time).  I provided my price and explained
how I would do the work i.e. which trees to survey as a group, which as
individuals, detail of info to be collected etc.
Was then told 3 days later that my price had not been the cheapest received.
I was pretty cross - not for losing the work to a lower price (that's
business!), but for not being told I was having to quote against others- if
I had been told that I would not have gone to the trouble and time of
pricing the work at such short notice.
Now, they promise me that they did not use my quote to help them get a
different price and I have to believe them.
I have written them a long letter of complaint because they have messed me
about on other projects, and so I am quite expecting to be struck off their
books but I felt that this had to be drawn to their attention at Partner
level within their firm.
So I guess this really is a plea to all those procuring services - please
think how your request is going to affect the poor chap scurrying around
providing prices.

1.  Be honest and Up front - if there are others quoting for the work
explain this at the first opportunity
2.  Make sure all tenderers have the same information
3.  Don't always accept the lowest price if you know it is hardly going to
show a profit
4.  Try and be flexible - most of us will go out of our way to help out if
we feel there is some give and take.....

Hope this is useful
Jonathan Oakes

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