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Re: Fee Rates and the ethics of tendering

Subject: Re: Fee Rates and the ethics of tendering
From: Treecheck
Date: Dec 15 2003 10:23:21
In a message dated 15/12/03 09:51:01 GMT Standard Time, writes:

.  Don't always accept the lowest price if you know it is hardly going to
show a profit


I agree wholeheartedly.  I was trying to explain to my daughter that if three 
garages has quoted £200, £300 and £400 to sort her car the one to choose 
would be the £300 chappie and one of the logics was that the cheapest was too 
cheap and would cut corners or go out of business abnd not be able to frovide 
follow on service.  

The trick is for the tenderer to have done their homework and have a real 
idea of what the cost should be by having a target price to act as a basis 
judgement.  So often we assume that the other guy will work for less than us 
we dont do our homework.

What happened with the car....I am sure you know....repaired at the lower 
price and then failed and had to go to the more expensive man and cost more 
the right price first time.


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