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RE: trees, leaves and fish

Subject: RE: trees, leaves and fish
From: Jonathan Oakes
Date: Dec 15 2003 10:47:29
Leaves falling into ponds increase nutrient levels - the pond then becomes
eutrophic (nutrient rich) this leads to increased algal growth which in turn
leads to further nutrification and eventually to stagnation.
Only large ponds can tolerate heavy leaf litter accumulation.
She could always put a net over it in the autumn.....

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Subject: Re: trees, leaves and fish

Not my thing but I guess vast quantities of decomposing leaves in a small
pond may not be good, but why not speak to one of your major gardens which
feature trees and ponds, e.g. The Hillier gardens and arboretum or Exbury.
Also an aquatics centre where they flog pools, fish etc. might advise.
However I would have thought some netting of the same type used to stop
Herons swallowing all your valuable fishies would work to keep leaves off
too, only you'd only need to keep it on for perhaps 6 weeks for leaf fall.
With shading etc. she'd probably be better relocating the pond anyway, a
bit of a task maybe but easier than moving mature oak trees! On balance
though I favour founding a Heronry on the adjacent land.


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