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RE: Mortality rates

Subject: RE: Mortality rates
From: John Flannigan
Date: Dec 17 2003 19:07:38
This booklet offers valuable information about street trees

Hodge, S.J. (1991). Urban Trees - A survey of street trees in England,
Forestry Commission Bulletin 99, HMSO.

If you can't get hold of it, it cites five authors findings

Gilbertson & Bradshaw - 10% dead (probable underestimate) - newly planted
As above - 23% dead - after 3 years
Impens & Delcarte (Brussels) - 3 - 14% dead - annual surveys carried out
over 4 years
Skinner (Scotland) - 44% dead - after 2 years
Nowak et al (USA) - 34% dead - after 2 years

In other words a lot.

These can be compared with about 2% dead across all ages from the Hodge and
Impens surveys.
Email me if you want the references in detail. I've got a scanned image of
them which is too big to post on UKTC.

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Subject: Mortality rates

What are people's experience of mortality rates in urban plantings, both
including and excluding vandalism?

I'm aware of a 26% figure from Johnston and Rushton, but does any one have
any information to qualify what seems a surprisingly high figure to me.

This has come out of Edmund's question about planting costs - I've gone back
to look at a breakdown of costs and am trying to build in a figure for
replacements, but I need some idea of how many I might have to replace.

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