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Radial Increment

Subject: Radial Increment
From: Coish, Neil
Date: Dec 18 2003 09:26:03
Can anyone help

I have just been given a report with a graph showing the radial increment of
a Monterey Cypress. The question asked was; was the tree part of the 1972
Area TPO? The results show that the increments go back to 1960 but the
incremental growth up until 1974 is less than 5mm.

My question to you all is. Does this mean that in 1972 when the TPO was
confirmed the tree was managed as a bush (if so can someone point me at
literature to prove this?) and therefore would not have been classed as a
tree at the time of serving the order.

Can anyone help?

Neil Coish
Arboricultural Officer (Planning)
Development and Conservation Services
Environment Services 
2nd Floor, Roebuck House 
Abbey Road 
Devon. TQ2 5DP 
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