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RE: Mortality rates

Subject: RE: Mortality rates
From: Edmund Hopkins
Date: Dec 18 2003 09:53:27
That's a good point about the performance standard contract, as is Jerry's
observation that contracts can drag on if there's much replacement

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Our experience at Kensington and Chelsea is that we achieve better than 97%
success rate by selecting good stock, good planting technique, close
monitoring of contractor and watering as necessary during first two years.
We decided not to go for performance based contract, partly due to our
with existing procedures (if it's not broke, why fix it approach) and
possibility that contractor may believe it more economically advantageous to
skimp on aftercare and bear cost of replacements. Our residents do not want
to see loads of  dead trees, it's bad PR. Having said that I think it
whatever works best in your situation.


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